Welcome to the website dedicated to the book “All The Arabic You Never Learned The First Time Around” by James M. Price.  This was far and away the best text book that I received as a student at the Defense Language Institute.  James Price’s clear, concise, and “no-nonsense” approach to learning Arabic was (and still is) refreshing in a world where students are ever-increasingly trying to find easier ways to get results.  His message throughout this book is that if you want to learn Arabic, you will have to work hard, there is simply no “silver bullet” in mastering the language.

I created this website to make sure that the information in All The Arabic You Never Learned The First Time Around always remains available. The book itself was issued to students at the Defense Language Institute and there are only very limited hard copies still available. Scanned PDFs were all that were available which were cumbersome and couldn’t be searched. Using OCR (optical character recognition) and transcribing the Arabic by hand, I was able to create both a MS Word version as well as an exact PDF copy that is scannable and searchable. Options for getting either a hard copy or Ebook are available here.

I want to extend an extremely special thank you to James Price. First for writing this amazing book and secondly for being part of the process of making this book available to a much broader audience than before by being active in answering questions that are posted on this site. Thank you James!