Is This Book For You?

Have you had the equivalent of at least two-years of university-level Modern Standard Arabic? If the answer is yes, ask yourself the questions below.

1. Has it been a while since you worked with the language, and is a lot of the grammar unclear to you?

2. Are you currently taking “advanced” Arabic courses and finding that deficiencies in your grammatical knowledge are hindering your comprehension?

3. Is the verb system of the language still largely a mystery?

4. Do hollow and defective verbs scare you?

5. Do you often have to guess at case endings?

6. Are you put off by the commonly used introductory Arabic texts?

7. Do you want to bone up on your grammar before going off to Middlebury for the summer or to prepare for some other program?

8. Do you want to improve your knowledge of the language but find yourself unable to enroll in more Arabic courses due to other obligations?

9. Are you willing to try something on your own?

From the book’s author, James L Price …

If you answer yes to at least one of the questions from 1-8, and if you answer yes to question 9, then this may be the book for you.

The text is the result of the author’s experiences both as a student and teacher of Arabic. The book is a complete self-contained course designed to help students master virtually all of the grammar they will ever need in order to be able to read Arabic newspapers, literature, and academic works. The style is informal and clear. The presentation of the grammar of the language is comprehensive. The text includes plenty of drills, authentic Arabic reading passages, and an annotated key which includes translations of every Arabic sentence in every drill.

The author of this text is a native English speaker born in the United States. He has been through the learning-Arabic grind in the university system in the States and he knows where you are coming from. He also is a graduate of the Center for Arabic Study Abroad program at the American University in Cairo, and a former Fulbright fellow to Jordan. He has a Masters degree in Islamic Studies and has been teaching Arabic for fourteen years.

If you think this book may be for you, turn to the following page.