Chapter One Table of Contents

A. The Equational Sentence
B. The Definite Article
C. Case
D. The Nominative Case
E. Question Words
F. Helping Vowels and the Elidable Hamza
G. Demonstrative Pronouns
H. Gender
I. Pausal Form

2 responses to “Chapter One Table of Contents”

  1. Samsudin bin Md Arsad Avatar
    Samsudin bin Md Arsad


    Glad to have found this site.
    Its very helpful for me as l understand english well.

    Barokallahu feek.

  2. Rabab Shaheeb Avatar
    Rabab Shaheeb

    Is there somewhere here I could read up on when to use the ten verb forms, the auzan al-ashara?

    Thank you,

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