Final Note

You have now covered quite a number of basics which are essential to learning this language properly. If you have had Arabic before, the above explanations should prove helpful and should be very easy to absorb. If you have not had Arabic for a very long time, it may take you a little time to absorb them. That will be normal. But you should be able to see that nothing here is intellectually difficult. Take the time to learn all of these things. Start with the drills which begin on the next page (Drill 1, Drill 2 and Drill 3) and then go to the key at the end of this text. If you still have problems understanding what is going on, reread this chapter and also look at lessons 1 and 2 of EMSA, which cover essentially the same grammar. Regardless of whether or not you have studied Arabic before, you must know the material in this chapter. The evening newscaster may never understand why, but you will.

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  1. Syed Muzammil Avatar
    Syed Muzammil

    Very good lessons thank you. شكرً

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